Roking Korea Magazine – Cool Korean culture messenger for you

Last year, I happened to read an article about these young Korean ladies who are doing this cool project to introduce Korean culture in a very modern cool way. So I had participated for 6 months by contributing Korean cooking recipes. You will realize that they are not just doing magazine, but many events and campaigns to let peple around the world know better about cool vibrant Korea, not just traditional wearing Hanbok(traditioanl costume) people with Bulgogi image. That is what I like about them. They issued vol. 2,3,4 ,4.5 and 5 till now.

Online version is available. Go and check my recipes,too!!!  🙂

Vol 3: Buckwheat jelly with Gochujang

Vol 4 :Soy sauce Beef Roll with fresh Vegitable, Cinnamon Ginger Sweet Tea p.22

Vol5:Kongguksu(Sweet Pea noodle) p.68


About oijee

I am a foodie(don't even dare to ask about definition of foodie :) and Korean. Thinking and loving food is becoming my life. Anybody who loves food is welcome here!

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