Jonathan Gold’s 60 Korean Dishes Every Angeleno Should Know

I never have been in LA. I just hear that LA is little Korea in US and it is the first place when Korean food business looks for new oversea market along with Manhattan. So maybe it is not a surprise to find the reporter who has a long list of Korean food restaurants with his own view. Among them, this is what I agree with.

“The idea of service tends to be different in Korean restaurants from what it is even in other Asian restaurants: The waiters and waitresses are there to take your order, bring you food and fetch the check, period.”

To him, I’m sure that silent waitress would look weird to him just like talkative waiter looked so weird to me in my early days in US. I didn’t understand why he talked too much. Then I realize the culture and tip! Now I ask before they start talking. I wish that more and more Korean restaurants do that.

Check this out~


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I am a foodie(don't even dare to ask about definition of foodie :) and Korean. Thinking and loving food is becoming my life. Anybody who loves food is welcome here!

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