Hobak Jeon (Zucchini Fritter)

In fact, Jeon (Korean fritter or pancake) reminds many Koreans of special occasions such as Chusuk (Korean Harvest Celebration).  In the holiday morning, you wake up with this smell of frying fish, vegetable or meat in many different shape and see mom cooking by the table stacked with many jeons on the table for our relatives coming. In my early age, I used to complain about old same Dongtae(Cod) jeon or zucchini jeon because I wanted to eat pizza or burger. Well, you complain about almost everything in teenage years, right?

Now, I literally live thousands of miles away from mom. I miss plain piece of zucchini jeon my mom used to make more than I ever imagined.  Simple but warm enough.

Zucchini Jeon

Serving for 2


1 zucchini (preferably Korean zucchini)

½ cup flour

3 eggs

Salt, pepper

How to make

1. Slice zucchini ½ inch long.

2. Beat eggs well and put some salt and pepper.

3. Coat each piece with flour evenly and then eggs.

4. Fry wth medium heat for about 2 min. for each side.

5. Serve with soy sauce+vinegar when it is still warm.


About oijee

I am a foodie(don't even dare to ask about definition of foodie :) and Korean. Thinking and loving food is becoming my life. Anybody who loves food is welcome here!

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