Kogi Truck to Chego Restaurant!

You might already know about Kogi taco and Roi Choi if you are interested in food. But did you know about their new rice bowl restaurant?
Thanks to Dan (Seouleats) who reminded me of Kogi taco, I dug up about Chego, not a truck but a restaurant with bricks in LA with a concept of ‘chillax’(chill+relax) and real fusion rice bowls.

There are four rice bowls: a Korean lacquered pork belly, a chicken, a veggie kimchi fried rice, and steak and egg. Among them pork belly definitely got my eyes!! He said that it is cured and glazed 12 times, yes, 12 times!!


If you hear what sauces they are using in this interview, you are gonna be blown away. I mean, how can you mix more than he does? You get salsa, cilantro,Korean pepper paste, garlic, soy and Sambal. Who know what they have more?  When it comes to vegetables, there are Thai basil, fried shallot, Chinese broccoli, watermelon radishes come together. And of course, cheese.
Less than 10 bucks, getting you to have “friggin’ good food which makes you so friggin’ happy” is their goal and what Chego represents, according to Alice Shin (Kogi & Chego!)

It takes 6 hours to get LA and I never wanted to go there before, but I am planning now.
So check this out!

CHOW article about Chego

Chego homepage


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I am a foodie(don't even dare to ask about definition of foodie :) and Korean. Thinking and loving food is becoming my life. Anybody who loves food is welcome here!

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