CJ Bibimbap Franchise, Bibigo opens!

I knew that bibigo opens in Korea thanks to ZenKimchi. The review of the restaurant was quite bitter.

The reviewer said,

“If you put a hygienic restaurant in an office-heavy neighborhood in Seoul, promote ”health,” be new to the market and have something that can resemble a meal for between W5,000 to W10,000 in Korea, you will automatically be full of customers for lunch and dinner, 75% of whom are Korean women who are in that category of 100-pound Asian girls who get full off an approximately 400g bowl of rice and tiny vegetables with trace protein. It makes Bibigo look like a success, which it is to an extent–in the two stores it has in Korea. But the person who did not have the foresight to see that it’s not going to be this way in the western countries that Bibigo wants to expand to made a pretty lazy mistake. The whole thing is like going to an ice breaker party and only talking to the few people you already knew. “(Drew, Bibigo:McBibimbap of the World)

He added that it is not gonna work this way in Western.

Well, now LA Bibigo opened.

Here is someon’s review with more posivite words about price and all that.

Which one is more close to truth? It depends where you are~

Fatman’s review 


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